Rihanna and Chris Brown back together!!!


 It’s 2am, I think, and like most other nights I can’t sleep.

So what do I decide to do? I decide to Google stories..hmm. What to read? What to read?

Obama and his budget plans..nah too heavy.

Watch past American Idol reject videos on You Tube..nah too funny.

Read about Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together.Yup! Just right!

What role models these two are? 

His sadistic behaviour, her naive acceptance of it and her resulting forgiveness of him leaves me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and a sour taste in my mouth BUT  I’m not surprised . Many victims forgive their partners and tolerate intimate partner abuse for years and should they find the strength of will to leave they are at a high risk of being killed by their former partners and Rihanna with all her wealth and beauty is no different.

But their case is different for obvious reason the entire world is watching. And her ‘forgiveness’ of him will have serious and lasting consequences for domestic violence agencies and law enforcement across the US. Domestic violence advocates better brace themselves for the onslaught of victims who will unfortunateley and undoubtedly say, “If Rihanna can go back to Chris Brown after all that shit why can’t I go back to him/her?” and victims who are already unwilling to prosecute will now site their reconciliation as proof of why charges aren’t necessary ‘because we’re working things out’,  because of these two people the entire DV world has just got a whole lot harder as if it needed to be.


13 thoughts on “Rihanna and Chris Brown back together!!!

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, after all we r only humans. Get off their back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “because of these two people the entire DV world has just got a whole lot harder-as if it needed to be.”

    that is an awful lot of pressure to put on someone, who although she happens to be a celebrity, is just another victim of violence.

    The nature of domestic violence is that it is difficult for victims to leave for multiple and complex reasons. Expecting Rhianna to have to be a role model, or holding her accountable for other victims’ decisions sounds like another version of blame the victim mentality.

  3. I think they’re cute couples & it’s not bad to forgive a person who has done bad things to you. So Rihanna is doing a great job.

  4. Well, great for them. In this life, there is a thing called FORGIVENESS. It works a lot better at healing wounds that the arm of the law can’t. It goes a lot with another thing called LOVE. These feeling are very special to have inside yourself, even better when you can be able to uncondotionally give them to another person. They are immeasurable and always make you do things against odds. Bufoons, who usually think they are smart, lack these emotional abilities and do everything form their pea-size brains.

    I think Rihanna and Chris are a wonderful couple and hope that whatever befell them on that dark night goes behind them. I hope that if they loved each other, they should forgive each other and get back together. Love is precious medicine for a cold heart of stone.

    Chris didn’t just turn arround and beat Rihanna, they had a fight. She played a role in his behaviour, so they are both involved in this fight. None of us were there, so we can only watch and see where things go.

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