GOP chairman, Michael Steele, got punked!

 rush-limbaugh 72271809AW018_Meet_The_Pres

 First Michael Steele, GOP Chairman, thought he was a bad a#@ by calling Rush Limbaugh ‘ugly’ and an entertainer.

Then Limbaugh called him out  and instead of holding firm as a good leader should or is expected to do particularly when he’s right he ran to Limbaugh with his tail between his legs and apologized and apologized. He apologized to the entertainer for calling him an entertainer! And then he boosted Limbaugh’s ego even further by calling him a leader! And Steele did all this publicly.

Talk about punked!!! 

You know this entire Rush/Steele debacle played out similar to one of my classic high school memories. I’m sure we’ve all seen or experienced this scenario at some point in our lives.  

One kid calls another kid a name when he’s with his friends, the other kid finds out and confronts him on it telling him  ” Say that to my face? “.  The other kid responds by saying , ” You know I didn’t mean that? I was just playing around, you know I got you..” and the other kid says, ” That’s what I thought.”

This would all be pretty funny if this wasn’t a major political party in the most powerful country on earth.

And it only gets worst for Steele prominent GOP members aren’t offering him any support either. So how can Steele be an effective leader if he can’t garner the support of his own members?

It seems the GOP wants him to lead from behind and are willing to put him out front to get votes and raise money but are unwilling to support him when it matters most. And Steele seems to be quite comfortable with this role because  it’s quite clear that many within the GOP ranks don’t respect his leadership and he has not real interest in shaking up the GOP because if he did he wouldn’t have apologized to Limbaugh. 

Is this what the GOP has been reduced too?  A collection of factions with a talk show host as their de facto leader?

My oh my how the mighty have fallen!


One thought on “GOP chairman, Michael Steele, got punked!

  1. michael steele please wake up and know that you are only up front because the republicain needed a black man to to hide the fact that they hate black people. man you are only being used are you that dumb or want them to accept you that bad. when they put you in that position they didn’t expect you to have a voice or use it.and when you did try they shut you up fast and wake the fuck up if they are being this way with o’bama they hate you also but right now they need some blacks to put out front to make themselves look good. and they seem to not have a problem founding any. there are a whole lot of you uncle toms who are willing to throw the president under the train just to have a job. but they will lrt you only go so far

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