The Golden Girls are now on Hallmark..


For the past few days I’ve been frantically flipping through Lifetime’s t.v schedule. I’ve been searching for The Golden Girls  and I couldn’t find the show’s listing anywhere! I thought I had screwed up the schedule or that I was just going crazy. But I finally solved the dilemma.

It’s moved! 

The Golden Girls are now on Hallmark.

After eons on Lifetime Television the iconic 80s sitcom (and one of the best show on tv) has found a new home on the Hallmark channel.

Some of Lifetime’s most loyal viewers aren’t too happy with the network’s decision and many are planning on boycotting the network. Many want the network to return GG to their lineup or apologize for taking it off the air. One fan even declared they were having GG withdrawal.

I don’t know if the nework has to the capacity or desire to accomodate their demands but I can sympathize with these fans because I don’t know what I would do without my girls! 


4 thoughts on “The Golden Girls are now on Hallmark..

  1. I love the Golden Girls I watch them every night and tape them If I am out My favorite character is Blanche I laugh at every episode and have seen them a thousand times and . I was saddened by the passing of two of My girls is what I call them

    • Hello Donald,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. You’re a Golden Girls fan, so now I’m a fan of
      I don’t know which one is my favorite..hmm..I think I love them all equally.
      In some ways I think each GG represents a part of my personality. I guess that’s why I love them 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment and feel free to leave a few others.

  2. I like golden girls so much a happy heart is like medicine.i am a caregiver my patients favorite show is goldengirls it became. mine the show deals with life issues. the cast is so funny they did a great job creating this show it is a success.

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