Personal attack leads to crude Meghan McCain comment

Meghan McCain has an opinion on everything.

And while I don’t agree with everything she says the other night on Rachel Maddow’s show Meghan McCain made a critical yet valid observation of  the two major American political parties. She stated, ” I think there’s an extreme on both parties and I hate extreme…I have friends that are the most radically conservative and radically liberal people possibly ever and we all get along. We can find a middle ground.”

Some members of the far-right didn’t like her comments. And one far right conservative commentator Laura Ingraham took issue with McCain and instead of attacking her statements alone, Ingraham decided to attack Mccain’s weight as well. 

How immature!

What does Meghan McCain’s weight have to do with her political observations or her opinions of the GOP?


But today on The View Meghan McCain responded by suggesting that Ingrahams’ comments sends the wrong message to young women. It does. But McCain’s response sends an equally wrong message (see above video). By lashing out at Ingraham’s vitriolic comment in the crudest, most vulgar manner (she suggested that Ingraham should  kiss her ‘ fat ass’) McCain barely, just barely retains the high ground in this fight and does nothing to raise the level of discourse either.

Did McCain think about the message SHE was sending to young women by responding in that manner? Is she telling young women that when attacked in a disgusting, idiotic manner you should respond with an equally distasteful, ugly remark?

McCain began her interview in an articulate, sensible manner and for the first few minutes of the interview she made me nod my head, in the ‘you go girl’ fashion but as soon as the ‘kiss my fat ass’ remark left her lips I started to see this as a fight between two women rather than an honest discussion on the future of the GOP and the state of  politics in America. I had to force myself to remember that this was not about the two of them.

Honestly, we can never stop people from ‘getting personal’  but what we can do is teach high profile, politically active women how to effectively respond to public personal attacks.

Meghan McCain didn’t start this fight but she blew her opportunity to throw a winning knock-out punch and to convey an important message to young women.  


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