Obama takes on the world and he didn’t embarass us all..

Britain G20 Summit

 Obama just wrapped up a post G20  international press conference in London and lo and behold he didn’t embarass himself or us! Can you believe that?

A president that knows right from left and who doesn’t think he’s the world masseuse

My goodness how times have changed! LOL 

And Obama did all that, he even looked tired during the press conference. It was as if he was up all night trying to solve our problems and negotiate with his international counterparts. Imagine that! And as if that wasn’t good enough Obama even took questions from the international press corps. Gulp!  People that he might never, ever see again he gave them the opportunity to ask him questions. Why did he do that? Didn’t he know that those journalists people don’t count..my guess is because he knows that he can answer their questions and he wants the world to be involved in fixing the world’s problems..that’s just my guess..the arrogance of that man thinking that the global economy is really GLOBAL.

I really don’t know if Obama should maintain such high standards we might start to expect our leaders to behave like that all the time..lol

And just in case you wanted to know British, Australian, Chinese and Indian journalists were the chosen ones.


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