Changing the world one hug at a time..


I’m a hugger.

I hug people all the time. 

Last night I hugged a woman I’d only met an hour before and you know I think she liked it. That simple gesture made her feel good and I wanted to show her how much I had appreciated her thoughts and help in solving a problem I was having and a hug was the simplest way to do that.

Friends will tell you that I hug and touch them a million times during a conversation and I probably started doing it from the moment I met them luckily they still became my friends and didn’t run away screaming that girl is

Even when I’m in the heat of a debate I’m probably touching the person I’m  vehemently disagreeing with. And I wouldn’t lie sometimes it makes individuals uncomfortable, I guess they feel i’m intruding upon their personal space and as a woman I have to be aware of this aspect of my personality when it comes to the opposite sex and some members of my gender as well because it could convey the wrong message. But for the most part people understand that that’s just how I am and when I lean in to give a hug they give one back even after they just accused me of being a tree hugging liberal it still feels good to get a hug.

And that’s the true benefit of hugs they are universal and under most circumstances it always feels good to give or to get one regardless of your station in life.

So protocol be damned Michelle Obama should keep on hugging (even half hugs like the one above are I know I will and maybe just maybe these hugs will change the world.


4 thoughts on “Changing the world one hug at a time..

  1. Hi hypnotictactics (ur name is a mouthful but i like

    Thank you for your comment and I will keep on hugging you should too.

  2. Love Michelle Obama ( and Barack of course!!) and I think they’ve done a wonderful job so far in Europe bringing hugging love to all from us. The world sees us in a different way finally–for the better I should say. I personally tend to touch people when I talk also. It simply stresses your connection with the person and the words spoken. I guess it can be taken the wrong way in certain circumstances. But I find no criticism should be given in any way to Michelle Obama’s converstions with the Queen. After all, the Queen is a human being first and foremore.


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