Trival Pursuit error no trivial matter..



Last night a very spirited game of Trvial Pursuit could’ve ended in murder!! Murder most foul!

Luckily my husband and I aren’t the murdering types but Trivial Pursuit’s 20th anniversary edition is filled with at least one error that could have been a contributing factor in at least one homicide 

 Question: What nation is not amused that its FTSE stock exchange name is pronounced “footsie” in the US?

TP’s answer: Japan

Correct answer: England or the UK.

 Can you believe they got this wrong? It’s so simple. It does make you wonder what else they got wrong? 

I’m definitely on the prowl now for more errors in this game.

Have you ever found a major error in a board game?  Tell me about it..


10 thoughts on “Trival Pursuit error no trivial matter..

  1. I have a trivial pursuit card from the original edition which is incorrect, the question is

    What literary fairy is depicted in a statue in London’s Kensington Gardens.

    Answer: Peter Pan

    Now, maybe they are trying to insinuate something about peter pan’s sexuality, but the correct answer would be TinkerBell, who appears alongside Pan on the statue.

  2. That question is even more wrong than you suggest. The stock exchange in London is called the London Stock Exchange. The footsie is the common name for the FTSE index which is a group of companies listed on that exchange. And no-one gets upset by it being called the footsie.

  3. Q. What is the title of the movie about Dr. Bruce Jenner

    TP’s answer: The Incredible Hulk

    after IMDB’ing that, i found the right question to be “Bruce Banner”

    • check this one out:
      What “Father of Music” was born in Germany in 1865?

      TP’s answer: Johann Sebastian Bach.

      for any music history fan, its pretty obvious that they bunged that one up. the correct year of Bach’s birth is 1685.


  4. How about the Silver Screen question: What relative of Tarzan did Johnny Sheffield portray in 1932’s Tarzan the Ape Man ?
    Answer: Boy.

    Wrong. Boy never appeared in this movie.

  5. TV edition question: What character did Dennis Hopper’s father play on Perry Mason? TP answer: Paul Drake. William Hopper played Paul Drake and he was not Dennis Hopper’s father. William Hopper was Hedda Hopper’s son.

  6. In Trivial Pursuit 6, the question is: What musician became the first Briton knighted posthumously, on Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee?

    Answer: George Harrison

    In truth, George I don’t believe George was ever knighted. As a matter of fact, there was another person, Sir Henry Cotton, who was knighted posthumously, in 1988.

    That’s a double error, IMO.


  7. My family and I were playing Trivial Pursuit 25th anniversary edition and I don’t remember what the question was exactly but it was about Fight Club, but instead it said “Fight Flub”. My parents and I call it a “moops moment” if you can recall the bubble boy episode from Seinfeld where George plays Trivial Pursuit with the boy in the bubble.

  8. 90s edition orange “trend” question.

    “How many of every ten U.S. residents had celebrated a 60th birthday, in 1999.”

    The TP answer=9

    Weird considering the 60+ population was under 20 percent.

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