Biden puts foot in his mouth & Obama officials are left to clean up


Say it ain’t so Joe? You didn’t put your foot in your mouth again, did you?

You can bet Saturday Night Live will make fun of this one too

American Vice President Joe Biden is known for speaking his mind but sometimes he honestly shouldn’t and this morning on NBC’s Today show he should’ve thought just a little bit more before speaking about what precautions he would advise family members to take in order to avoid contracting swine flu.

I’m sure Obama wasn’t too happy when he heard what Biden had to say wonder if had that same look on his face?

Honestly if Biden hadn’t played such a pivotal rule in engineering the Specter coup the day before and Obama and most in the media didn’t know that his heart is in the right place even if his words aren’t Biden would be in for an extremely difficult time as VP.

It seems Biden likes making a splash a day after a big Obama event. The day after Obama’s inauguration Biden made the John Roberts commentsand the day after Obama’s 100 days in office he makes a controversial swine flu comment that has to be clarified by senior administration officials….hmm I wonder what comment he’ll make after Obama’s first year in office?  I hope it’s a good one.


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