Leave Miss California’s breasts out of it!



Every single word Carrie Prejean, the reigning Miss California, has uttered about gay marriage I disagree with.

I think Prejean is on the wrong side of the issue and that her idea of  ‘protecting marriage’ from gay men and women is laughable BUT Prejean does have a right to her opinion as wrong and discriminatory as it maybe just as we the masses have a right to reject that opinion the first chance we get and in the near future America WILL reject her prejudice overwhelmingly.

However, the fact that Prejean is being attacked and dissed for her breast implants by commentators and news anchors is unacceptable. 

Last night Keith Olbermann and Michael Musto blasted Ms.Prejean but they seemingly forgot that Prejean is only using the platform she has been given to advance her belief in the validity and morality on an issue and her career.  Olbermann does it every night and politicians and celebrities do it everyday Prejean is only following their lead.

Who cares about her breast implants and who paid for them? What does that have to do with her opinion on gay marriage? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And if pageant officials released the breast implant information to embarass and force Prejean off the national stage I’m not convinced it’s going to work she’s handled the questions  about her implants extremely well so far and support for her should the personal attacks continue will only grow.

Prejean’s views on marriage represent a significant portion of the American electorate and although I’m pretty certain we wouldn’t convince many on the religious right to support our views on specific cultural issues, like gay marriage, to demonize the opposition or resort to name calling or taunts simply because we don’t like their stance on the issue only deepens the divide (and is hypocritical) and does nothing to get us closer to full equality for gays.

So criticize Prejean’s views all you want but leave her breasts out of it.


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