Miss California organizers want Carrie Prejean gone..

miss california


This is ridiculous..

A few minutes ago the organizers of the Miss California contest in more than a few words said that Miss California is outta there!!!

And you know why they’re not happy with Ms. Prejean? 

 BECAUSE MISS CALIFORNIA HAD THE GUTS TO VOICE  her opinions.  Not because of some semi ‘nude’ photos that violated her contract and yet they have the audacity to claim they empower young women!

What bs and remember, I’m a liberal and an ardent supporter of gay marriage yet I disagree wholeheartedly with what’s being done to this woman. She has the right to her opinion even if she’s wearing the Miss California crown.

Just one more person has to weigh in on Carrie’s fate and make it official-Donald Trump.


5 thoughts on “Miss California organizers want Carrie Prejean gone..

  1. Why thedirty.com had to postpone upload the photo? It only took a couple minutes but took days to “make it right”. In other words, the pictures are photoshopped!

    My photoshop teacher can point out the area where it looks unnatural. Between the face & the hair, as well as between the shoulder and the chin. Day by day those photos have been “improved”. Good evil job.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were photoshopped but even if they weren’t who cares? It seems that everyone has naked photos out there these days and she shouldn’t have to give up her title for her views or for some naughty photos.

  3. This is NOT an issue of civil rights, its a moral and ethical issue based on Liberty; and it is that gay judge that is interfering with the right of moral Christian people to pursue HAPPINESS. Moral Christian people just want to get away from something that is revolting, disgusting, and immoral. Moral Christians oppose that gay judge attacking one of their beautiful women, and their moral values, and that gay judge is making us unhappy with exposure to his disgusting immorality. Now, Just in case Donald Trump decides against Carrie Prejean, this should be the response of supporter’s for Carrie Prejean: Carrie’s RIGHT to support the (NOM) and marriage between a man and a woman is based on the Declaration Of Independence (that the USA is founded upon), which states that “We The People” have the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the [ PURSUIT of HAPPINESS ]. In litigation thereafter, the U. S. Supreme Court declared in, ( Loving v. Virginia (1967) 388 U.S. 1 ); that, the freedom to marry is recognized as a vital [ PERSONAL RIGHT ] that is essential to the pursuit of happiness. As a result of this precedent, that gay judge has violated the liberty rights of Carrie Prejean, with a defamation of character, because she would not corrupt her Christian beliefs to obtain his vote. So, he condemned her pursuit of happiness, to marry a MAN, defamed her character, and destroyed her career objectives. The (NOM) can file suit against that gay judge; because, Carrie’s personal rights prevail over his need to corrupt her, and that gay judge is only motivated by personal bias and animosity against moral Christian values (Meyer v. Nebraska (1923) 262 US 390). You see, Carrie didn’t attack him, he attacked and slandered Carrie because she refused to corrupt herself to get his vote, and this the way it always is, gays are using their authority to deprive moral Christians of our personal liberty rights to pursue traditional Christian values. Another thing, why would a “Modern Woman” who is Liberated and Free, allow a sodomite to deprive her of the right to pursue happiness, as EQUALLY, as a gay sodomite does, in his sodomite life style?

    • Wow, and denying gays the right to marry isn’t infringing on their pursuit of happiness? I don’t think she should have been de-crowned for saying that, but saying that we have equal opportunity to pursue happiness is just wrong. Unfortunately we have a long way to go before that happens for minorities of almost any demographic.

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