Swine flu goes waaaay back it was even around in the 80s..

You thought swine flu was a recent thing didn’t you?

Well, I did. Until last night. 

While watching a particularly sad episode of Cheers (it’s an 80s sitcom) one of the characters mentions the words swine flu (she mentions it at 2:38) to disparage the main character.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I found out that swine flu was flying around the world even back than?  I was left wondering however why they weren’t calling the virus by it’s ‘ proper name’  H1N1 (honestly, don’t those letters remind you of a formula for a mineral or something?) ?

The Centers for Disease Control and the US Department of Agriculture are unaware of this episode existence they must be?  Because if they had they certainly would have asked for that part to be dubbed over with the correct term for the virus…I can just see H1N1 rolling off Diane’s tongue just as easily as swine flu can’t you? LOL 


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