Eliot Spitzer wants us to forgive, forget and move on..

eliot spitzer pondering another run 

 Eliot Spitzer wants back in. He wants back in baaaaaad.

The ex governor of New York is slowly creeping back into public lifeHe denies it up and down but all you have to do is watch his interview on The Rachel Maddow’s show earlier this week and you can see the eagerness all over his face.

He’s done several interviews in the past few weeks from cable news to news blogs he’s clearly testing the waters of public opinion to see if we’ve forgiven him for his indiscretion and private failings and if we’re willing to listen to him again.

Spitzer knows we’re angry as hell, at corporations, banks and Wall Street and as one of only a handful of men to have taken them on successfully  his opinion and insight on financial regulation and averting future financial diasasters is invaluable.

The financial crisis has created an opening for Spitzer and at first glance it appears that there will be no more wondering in the political wilderness for the disgraced attorney but before Spitzer leaps head first back into the public’s arms he should make sure that we are indeed willing to give him a second chance.

In a recent poll New Yorkers said they prefer Eliot Spitzer to current Governor David Pattersen but that doesn’t mean they want him back as Governor!  What this really says is that Patterson is doing a really, really bad job!

At best Spitzer’s record as governor receives a question mark because who knows what could’ve been? A 14 month term is not enough time to render judgment.

However, should Eliot Spitzer decide to seek public office again he has to accept that his wife and his daughters will be reliving his disgrace and humiliation alongside him. 

He has to accept that no question will be out of bounds and that  “No comment,” or “I’m not answering that,” will not be tolerated. Reporters and journalists will demand access to him at all times and full disclosure on every issue for obvious reasons. And on the campaign trail the mudslinging would be at unprecedented levels and the public probably will have no sympathy. 

The road back to the top will be extremely, extremely difficult but it can be done indeed it has been done. And if the public has forgiven him and more importantly wants him back Spitzer is well on his way back to the top of New York politics.

I don’t know if I can ever separate his private shortcomings from his well-intentioned, results driven crusades on behalf of the public interest and the fact that he is so talented and does brings so much to the public square does cause me to stop and think twice.

But Spitzer prosecuted men who were Johns and he even sought and signed stiff laws against the sex trade while spending over $80 000 on prostitutes. 

In my book that makes him a hypocrite. Listen to him yes, vote for him probably not.


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