Is the GOP looking for President Reagan to save them?

ronald reagan 

According to Michael Steele, GOP Chairman, Republicans are done ‘looking in the rearview mirror’.

But in his speech yesterday all he did was look back.

From his comments about Reagan to the fact that he failed to offer no new policy positions on any current issue all Steele did was remind millions of Americans why they aren’t Republican anymore.

Steele tried his very best to convince us that there is a new GOP we just haven’t seen it yet, ” Our comeback is well underway out in the states, I can assure you of that..the folks inside the beltway don’t know it yet but those of you who toil in the vineyards, spending time in communities, in diners, barber shops, and coffee shops where real every day people can be found…you know it is real.”

Steele obviously sees things that we don’t.

It has become quite obvious that the only reason Michael Steele got the RNC Chair is because he’s a black guy. And unfortunately, many GOP leaders wrongly believe the only way to effectively criticize President Obama is to have another black guy do it. That’s the only conclusion I can come too because Michael Steele has nothing else going for him.

He can barely rally the GOP base. He doesn’t have the support of the GOP leadership (what leadership there is) and he’s an ineffective leader and communicator and his money raising skills are mediocre at best.

So why is he still there?

Could this be the reason why millions are abandoning the GOP?

The GOP seems to be perpetually stuck in the past on everything and instead of moving forward Republican leaders are constantly looking over their shoulders as if they are hoping President Regan will ride in on his white horse and save them from themselves and those bad Democrats!

The GOP must STOP LIVING in the past and STOP DIRECTING their message to those who want to return TO THE PAST because if they aren’t careful they will become a PARTY OF THE PAST!

But who am I to offer any advice? I’m just a no good liberal right? LOL


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