Why aren’t we closing Guantanamo Bay again?


From what I gather we’re not closing Guantanamo Bay because some members of the House and Senate don’t think we can safely house the prisoners here in the US and Obama hasn’t provided the Congress with a detailed plan on what he wants to do with the prisoners.

Ok..so if Obama does provide the plan, which is only fair, he’ll get Democratic support to shut down Gitmo right? 


Even if President Obama provides Congress with a plan there’s no guarantee that Guantanamo Bay will be closed because our leaders don’t want the responsiblity of housing convicted terrorists in their backyards.

And it isn’t just the Republicans who are saying no Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has joined them as well. He states emphatically,We don’t want them them around,” and if Reid can’t be convinced to shut dowm Gitmo how can he be expected to rally other Senators behind Obama’s plans? 

Greaaaaaaaaaaaat..Obama just celebrated his first 100 days a few weeks ago and already Democrats are stabbing him in the back.

Let’s see how long we keep that Democratic majority if Obama is handed significant defeats like this over and over again? You can bet it wouldn’t be too long..


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