You gotta love Dick Cheney!!

dick cheney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s rebuttal speech on national security at the American Enterprise Institute in one word-stupefying!!!

This man is defiant!

He refuses to accept the world has changed and that his world view is no longer acceptable or rational.

And he refuses to lay down his arms and he still has the energy to fight the old battles against the New York Times, the peace loving liberals and those sissy Europeans man..he just wouldn’t let go will he?

Unfortunately, I must say that Dick Cheney is the real leader of the GOP!  

Is this what Michael Steele meant when he said the GOP had ‘turned the corner’ and that they were done‘ looking in the rearview mirror’?

I don’t think they can do that with Dick Cheney clinging to their bumper..


2 thoughts on “You gotta love Dick Cheney!!

  1. Silly us. Thinking that because Cheney is no longer was vice-president and that his worldview has been firmly rejected at the polls, that he would fade away into the woodwork. No, now we get to see even more of him than we ever did when he was in office. Lucky us. He’s our recurring nightmare.

    • Hi Jalyber,

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      LOL and I know who would’ve thought he could talk so much right?

      I always thought he was a man of few words..

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