Rihanna is a good girl again…

rihanna to testify

Rihanna WILL testify against Chris Brown next month.

On June 22nd the Barbadian entertainer will face Chris Brown and his lawyers in a California court. 

The preliminary hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence for the felony assault case to go to trial. 

I’m glad that Rihanna has finally come to her senses and decided to testify against Brown because for a minute there it looked like she was planning to stay with that joker/woman beater Chris Brown!


3 thoughts on “Rihanna is a good girl again…

  1. chris brown is a good guy and i love him so back of rihanna and drop the charges everybody makes mistakes and you can tell jay z to back of or i will kill him love you chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps. when you cuing to scotland XXXXXXXXXXX

  2. thanks for that stephanie i will be coming to scotland next year and hopefully you can come and you can come back stage to see me i will be coming june the 30th so be ready love chris xx

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