Six things you should know about the US constitution

the constitution

Without the Constitution America and it could be argued the world would be a significantly different place.

 So here are six facts you should know about one of the world’s most important ‘living’ documents.

1. Over one hundred nations have used the American Constitution as a model to create their own constitution.

2. You will never find the word ‘democracy’ in the Constitution. Interesting…

3. Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution.

4. The 10 amendments known today as The Bill of Rights (whenever I read the Bill of Rights I get goose were added three years after the ratification of the Constitution.  

5. Bucking convention Vermont ratified the Constitution on January 10, 1791, even though it hadn’t officially become a state.You gotta love Vermont.

6. During World War II the constitution was moved to Fort Knox.


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