Unseat Senator Roland Burris

you're outta there!!

We all understand why Senator Roland Burris (D-IL) hasn’t resigned but why haven’t the Democrats found a way to unseat him? 

Hopefully, with the release of the FBI wiretap tapes  Democrats, maybe even President Obama, can now persuade Burris to resign since we now have proof that he was involved if only on the margins in the effort by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to sell Obama’s US Senate seat. 

Burris is an embarrassment not only to himself and the Democratic Party but he has become a recognizable stain on the United States Senate. The longer Burris remains seated the longer, we the public, have to endure the media’s coverage of this egomaniac and  his pathetic attempts to cover up his role in this deplorable scandal.

You gotta hand it to Blago he knew what he was doing when he appointed Roland Burris but in the end all parties got something from this Burris/Blago debacle. 

Blago got a really good laugh not the last, mind you, but he got a hearty chuckle.

Burris gets to engrave the title Senator on his tombstone and Hardball Award recipient. 

And the American people got yet another shocking glimpse at high-level public corruption. 

 But enough is enough.  Democrats. Republicans. Independents.  GET ROLAND BURRIS OUT OF THE SENATE!!!


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