The new search engine bing!



Have you tried Microsoft’s new search engine bing?

I tried it not bad. Not bad at all.

My favorite part of the new search engine is its look and the image search section. I loved it!  The images are sharp and they appear on your screen uncluttered unlike Google’s and I have to admit that’s one area they’ve got Google beat hands down at least for the moment.

I’m not sure they are the ultimate Google-Killer, many have tried but none have suceeded but they will give Google a run for their money.

And I like their ad!



2 thoughts on “The new search engine bing!

  1. Try typing in anything about liberal’s and see if you could possibly find one thing on BING that could remotely be construed as negative. Then try that on google. And vice versa with conservatives. Won’t see any reply i’m sure. Search engine or Democratic engine, not sure. Good Luck Microsoft.

  2. I agree with Joe above. Try searching “NBC Liberal Bias” on Bing and Google. The difference is clear, just another way for the liberal media to affect what you see and what you don’t to further their cause.

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