Americans are uniting to stop a nuclear armed Iran

Have you seen this public service announcement (PSA) asking Americans to support economic sanctions against Iran?

The 35 second PSA was created by the non-partisan, coalition United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) has been running on CNN for the past few days.

According to UANI’s website their primary objective is  ‘ to prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons.’

UANI hopes to initiate grassroots opposition against a nuclear armed Iran and the danger that poses to the region and the world by inviting average citizens to create UANI chapters in their communities and to send messages to their leaders and elected officials, the press and Iranian companies.

It seems that every group in the world is looking to duplicate Obama’s success in rallying and coalescing grassroots support for their particular agenda, policy or candidate. Unfortunately Obama’s success wouldn’t be easily duplicated.



2 thoughts on “Americans are uniting to stop a nuclear armed Iran

  1. Obama Support a Nuclear Iran: This is non-constructive journalism that spits in the eye of all who write and disseminate good information for free, fun, or income. Try to have a more open mind, if that is possible. Has it ever occurred to you that Iran and North Korea are moving in the direction of having nuclear weapons because we have them. We are fighting a unpopular war in Iraq which is right at their border, we have nuclear weapons, and are documented as being the first to use them on Japan not that long ago. Not to mention the fact that the streets of America are some of the most violent nations in the world given our wealth, industrial, and technological progress. Not to mention the facts that our last president did openly call these two countries “axis of evil” and that used our military to take the “offensive” against Iraq after using bad intel about weapons of destruction, and a counter-terrorist war that had begun in Afghanistan. May President Obama and his Cabinet are making allowances so that these and other countries don’t feel as though they have to use such measures to defend themselves from us and our allies.

  2. I find this advertising utterly inappropriate! I am truly perplexed by the determined effort being made by the media, and now much of the American public to paint the election in Iran as tainted. Pre-election Reuters polls clearly indicated that Ahmadinejad would win. While it seems strange that Mousavi lost in his own district, it is hardly impossible. I have seen political leaders lose in their home turf many times. It probably means that he should not have been running in the first place. I have served as Chief Election Officer in my own community and – frankly, if you are well staffed and and organized, it does not take all that long to count ballots, even by hand.

    Given what we hear on Television about Mousavi’s background, I fail to see how he is an improvement over Ahmadinejad. He is not only old, he seems true old guard. He also wants a nuclear program and is most unlikely to eliminate the theocracy of the Mullahs – so what is to be gained? Do any of you truly believe that the CIA, Mossad and who knows who else are not in there sowing the seeds of revolt?

    I suspect that what the young people are really calling for is the end of the Theocracy. As a free thinker I can truly relate to this desire but until the day comes where a candidate can make that his or her platform, these young people are merely inviting trouble by creating this chaos. Maybe they should just stop going to church! Notice that the Pope is no longer running the world! Eventually the Guard will HAVE to step in and then the fat will be in the fire. Then of course we can all scream some more about brutality – yaday, yada, yada!

    I now seen this commercial several times – clearly designed to arouse hatred for Iran and recommends who knows what. It is obviously propaganda aimed to prime Americans to hate Iran and appears to be generated by American Jewish groups. Why would this be happening, if not to ready America for another nasty war – this time in support of an attack on Iran by Israel. This REALLY worries me!

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