Sarah Palin is right. Letterman, ‘man up’ and apologize properly.

sarah palin is right

Sarah Palin has every right to demand an apology from David Letterman.

His joke was crude and offensive and his apology or lack thereof was insufficient.

I just finished watching Ed Schultz and Danny Deutsch on MSNBC imply that Sarah Palin must be a bad mother because her teenage daughter got pregnant out of wedlock! 

They also implied that Palin is a hypocrite because she’s using or has used her kids to get a political advantage and that she’s irresponsible for ‘parading’ her daughter around in the media and that she should expect attacks like the one Letterman dished out.


Are they serious?

It almost sounded like they were blaming Sarah Palin for Letterman’s tasteless joke!

Now I’m no fan of the Republican party or  Sarah Palin (she has potential but she needs brush up on some critical areas)  but I do know right from wrong and this isn’t a liberal v conservative issue it’s a simple right vs wrong.

Sarah Palin is not the first and she certainly wouldn’t be thelast politician to use their family for political advantage. All politicians have at some point in their political career used their relatives to appear more appealing to women, to men, more normal and ‘just like us’.

What do you think all those photo ops with Obama and his wife, Obama his wife and the kids, Obama, his wife, the kids and the dog are all about?


Sarah Palin is not a horrible mother for ‘using’ her family to get votes. She’s not a horrible mother for not knowing that her teenage daughter was sexually active either. Sarah Palin is not in the wrong here, at least, not this time. David Letterman is and anyone who suggests that his joke was acceptable because she brought her family into the political limelight is missing the point.

Just call it what it is. An offensive joke about a 14 year old girl who happens to be the daughter of a politician. If the joke was about any other 14yr old girl would we be laughing? No. So why should we laugh if it’s about Sarah Palin’s daughter? We shouldn’t and it’s unacceptable regardless of who the target was.

Unfortunately this type of offensive language and negative media coverage directed towards female politicians  and their families prevent many women from seeking political office (it’s not going to stop and as a female politician your skin might be as tough as an elephant’s but your family members may not and ultimately many women choose to do what’s in the best interest of their families.

It’s a pity we’re still forced to make that choice family or career because many in the media aren’t big enough to leave our families out of it.


3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is right. Letterman, ‘man up’ and apologize properly.

  1. No, she’s a hypocrite because it was only a few days ago that she said the hell with political correctness. She said people were too sensitive. And now look what she’s saying. At the same time her, nor anyone else on the Right has yet to ask O’Reilly to apologize for constantly baiting violence against Dr. Tiller. So how is making a joke about someone’s daughter more offensive then inciting people to literally harm someone’s dad?

    • Hi Godless,

      While I agree with you that Bill O’Reilly may have played a role somewhat in advocating violence against Dr. Tiller his role is protected under the American constitution. He has the right to say whatever he likes regardless of how vile and hateful that speech is.

      The joke Letterman made was about a 14yr old girl that as I said happens to be the daughter of a prominent politician and the joke specifically targetted her.
      The language O’Reilly used as offensive as it was, it was targetted to a man, an adult man, doing a job another adult man despises and in a roundabout way the language may, MAY have contributed to his death.

      I do see a difference however between targetting an adult male and a minor.

      Godless, thanks so much for your comment and I hope you leave more comments even if you don’t agree with everything I say..I’ll convince you yet.LOL.

  2. Letterman, when making his joke, believed that Palin’s older daughter, Bristol was at the game, not Palin’s younger daughter, Willow.
    I doubt he would have made the joke, otherwise.

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