Lots at stake in messy gay celebrity divorce

toni layton martina's ex wifeMARTINA NAVRATILOVA and isn't that a ring on her wedding finger

Martina Navratilova is going through another messy divorce.

This time the ex-tennis superstar is being sued by her second wife Toni Layton who is claiming that Navratilova wasn’t very nice during their seven year marriage and that she’s suffered ’emotional, mental and physical trauma’.

Normally, I wouldn’t care one bit about a messy celebrity divorce but this one piqued my interest for two reasons. Apparently Navratilova is using current Florida law which doesn’t recognize same sex marriage to argue that Layton doesn’t deserve a dime and an animal sanctuary built by the two has been put up for sale.

As an outspoken advocate for gay rights and supporter of same sex marriage, which Navratilova claims to be as well, I would argue, that if she uses a law that she believes is unfair and unjust, simply to shield her money and assets, not only is she a hypocrite but she’s doing serious damage to the same-sex marriage movement which she claims to support. I’m not saying that Layton is entitled to half or some large monetary settlement not at all. What I’m saying is a lot simpler than that. If Navratilova doesn’t recognize the legality of her own marriage she cannot expect or demand nationwide recognition of same sex marriage.

And in regards to the animal sanctuary I know the sale of the sanctuary doesn’t necessarily mean the animals will be homeless and often in situations like these, conditions are attached to the sale in order to protect the animals.  And I refuse to believe that the great Martina Navratilova could throw defenseless animals out on the streets but then again according to Layton, Martina did throw her out with only the clothes on her back!


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