BET tribute show to Michael Jackson left much to be desired…

BET awards tribute to michael jackson

Am I the only person in the world, who thinks that last night’s BET Awards tribute show to Michael Jackson could’ve been much better?

Midway through the awards show, it was clear to me and to quite a few other people that the performances were at very best sub par. And as for the host Jamie Foxx, well let’s just say before his next hosting gig my advice to him, is to at the very least give Chris Rock a call and get some pointers. 

Anyway, I Googled the award show and of course they were the typical recaps of what happened but I haven’t seen one news post that actually notes how terrible the performances were. From the beginning with New Edition’s massacring of  The Jackson 5’s songs to the absolutely horrible performance by Keri Hilson’s et al.  It seemed that while most of the artistes were capable of costuming themselves like Michael Jackson NOT ONE of them could come close to matching the King of Pop’s legendary stage performances. And the only performance that came significantly close to anything MJ would’ve done was Beyonce Knowles’ medley. 

I know the tribute show was last minute and that most of the artistes would never have been able to or even claim to be half the entertainer Michael Jackson was so I’m willing to give them a pass there. However, I do believe that if many of these performers sincerely wanted to pay tribute, to a man that many of them consider to be their inspiration and the Greatest Entertainer who ever lived, they should have stepped up their routines and put a bit more effort into their performances.  And based on what I saw last night that didn’t happen.  If by some chance that was the best crop of musical talent in the black community, Michael Jackson himself would have to shake his head in disappointment. 



2 thoughts on “BET tribute show to Michael Jackson left much to be desired…

  1. I totally agree! It WAS terrible! Worst tribute in history and I hoping somebody does a better tribute than that! BET should be ashame of themselves!

  2. Your so right about the blog, I would have to say you hit everything on the spot… It was garbage and how Dare them bring out the Black thing about Michael Jackson belongs to them… WTF was that about?? I’m so mad i dont want to type anything that can get me into trouble thats all i got to say. I’ll never tune in to BET Again…

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