Jackson’s father, acting more like a manager than a grieving dad


Today CNN’s Don Lemon gave Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, another chance to redeem himself and act like grieving father instead of a promotion manager.

Did he take that chance? NO.  He got on television once again and acted like a moron. So I have to say it again.. JOE JACKSON IS A MORON and it appears he wants to cash in on his son’s death and the resulting publicity.

Anyway, a few hours ago Lemon interviewed Jackson and once again he greeted Lemon laughing and smiling and as Lemon questions him about his grief he has the audacity to declare that he’s crying on the inside and right in the middle of all this is a serious looking Al Sharpton. 

Is Jackson high?

 Look, I’m black and I understand we mourn in different ways of that there is no doubt. Funerals in black communities across the globe are celebrated in ways that I’m quite sure many cultures would find a bit strange. However they are some omnipresent themes at most of the Christian black funerals I’ve attended. Alcohol is served. There’s lots of food and drinks and at some funerals mourners may even start dancing and singing at the grave side as a way of celebrating the life of the deceased.

That’s different. But that’s how many of us mourn in the black community.

However,  Joe Jackson’s isn’t mourning in that way or a different way, he simply isn’t mourning. The man doesn’t even appear sad!  I’ve seen more emotion from people who have lost a beloved family pet!

This man appears to be more concerned about all the press he’s getting, all the positive press his son is getting and the fact that he could use the press to his advantage and the advantage of his friends! There’s only one thing Joe Jackson should be concerned about right now and that is the fact that he just lost his son who happened to be a superstar and I haven’t seen one moment when he appears to be genuinely upset about his lost. Instead of acting like a grieving parent, he’s acting like a manager that has lost his biggest client.


3 thoughts on “Jackson’s father, acting more like a manager than a grieving dad

  1. Joe Jackson is trying to cash in on his son’s death…the man absolutely sees dollar signs. I know what its like to have a son die and you dont grieve with a smile on your face. I hope that the judge sees him for what he is and keeps him away from the grandkids. (he might start a new group and abuse them)

    • Hi Margo.
      I’m so sorry about your lost. I can’t imagine the pain and grief you felt and probably continue to feel.
      Thank you so much for your comments. And I hope that every ‘celebrity’ parent watches him and his actions and learns something.
      Thanks again and all the best to you and your family.

  2. You said it! The man is off the charts messed up. What atrocious behavior. Yes, I’ve seen some odd ways of grieving by Black people before, but this has nothing to do with Black traditions. We honor the dead.

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