Michael Jackson’s father on CNN creating a spectacle…


A few moments ago while watching CNN’s coverage of the BET Awards, Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father got some lady to read a statement for him as he’s standing on the red carpet speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon!

The entire scene was awkward with this woman standing between the two men reading from a piece of paper.

Then he introduced another spokesperson, his lawyer to answer a simple question that he could have responded too with a ‘no comment’ or ‘I would prefer to talk about that later’. And if that wasn’t bad enough he introduced and seemed to be pluggin a guy’s recording studio which apparently he used to work for/with!

MY GOD!!!!

I hate saying this but Joe Jackson appeared and acted like a frigging moron and if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t have believed this man had just lost a son! I’m not saying he should’ve broken down in tears or cried a river but the least he could’ve done is show a bit of genuine emotion.

All I can say is what bizarre behaviour from a man that just lost his son.


2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s father on CNN creating a spectacle…

  1. I feel so sorry for Michael having such a horible father. He is a cold and abusive person who once again has used his son for his own personal gains. He is scum and should be seen as such. Michael would have been famous with or without him. His abusive treatment of Michael I’m sure lead to his demise.

    • Hi Cat,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Joe Jackson’s actions thus far really seem to paint an accurate picture of his true character and unfortunately this man appears to be more concerned about all the money he’s lost due to MJ’s death.
      And that bother’s me tremendously. Once again, thanks for the comment. And come back again.

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