Boring Barack Obama..



I’m one of the biggest nerds in the world.

I love politics and I could listen to policy discussions on most topics but listening to President Obama’s health care town hall on CNN bored me to tears today. Even MSNBC refused to air it and they cover ever little thing he does. LOL

Yes, I know we have to fix health care.

Yes, we have to get people covered.

And the personal stories we often hear at these town halls should provide us with even more incentives to fix our health care system.

But couldn’t Obama put some interesting graphics up there? Seriously. Where are the power point presentations on how reducing health care costs could actually help Rush Limbaugh or help most of the members of the Senate live even longer? I don’t know but these health care town halls need something.

But I guess there are some things even President Barack Obama can’t do.

Oh wait the part about the retained surgical sponge in the gut that was interesting.

But you know what I really like the fact that he can bore me to tears because that means we finally have a president that reads!




2 thoughts on “Boring Barack Obama..

  1. He is a crashing bore – very good at telling us what the problem is but not so hot at getting it done. He is going to get screwed just like LBJ did – LBJ wanted to do a lot for America with “the Great Society” but ended up spending all the money in Vietnam. That’s the way dear old B.H. Obama is going too – err…I’d like to do this, and that, and some more of this but unfortunately I just (i) gave all your money to Wall Street and (ii) sent another 30,000 soldiers to another stupid, unwinnable war.

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