The man who never gets old..

johnny deppjohnny depp 21 jump street

He has a new movie out Public Enemies and I’m sure it’ll make him millions of dollars and millions more will see it. 

But I have just one question will Johnny Depp ever get old?

I know that Father Time is better to men than women but somehow he looks younger now than he did back in the 80s! Doesn’t he? Good light and makeup can work wonders..I know but… I’m sure he would deny it but I’m actually starting to believe that Johnny here,  may actually have made that deal with the devil after all.





6 thoughts on “The man who never gets old..

  1. Johnny is ageless, the reason he doesn’t age, is because we are all aging with him. Now I won’t argue that time has been good to Mr. Depp, however would you rather he be saggy and covered in wrinkles?? I THINK NOT!! 🙂 Much love to Johnny and many more years of hottness……

  2. I happen to think Mr. Depp is gods gift to women and that everyone should be happy hes as sexy as he was 25 years ago

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