Is Congressman Peter King right? Do we glorify the wrong people?

Does American society glorify the wrong people?

For the past few days its been Michael Jackson but for the past thirty years, idiots, celebrities, sports stars, reality stars, porn stars have received, in many cases, baseless adulation, catapulting these mere mortals into the relms of gods and goddesses. 

 So do you think Rep. Peter King has a point when he says we have to start admiring those who protect, serve and educate society instead of those who merely entertain us?

I can only hope, our fair-minded representative Peter King, would include Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly  in the entertainer ranks as well and that he would admonish those within his own party who seek to elevate the opinions of these find the word? LOL



6 thoughts on “Is Congressman Peter King right? Do we glorify the wrong people?

  1. Pete King and you Pete King followers are moronic, arrogant idiots. First of all, Pete King is incredibly arrogant. Michael Jackson never molested any children nor was he proven guilty for it. So for Pete to just come out and state as if it’s a fact that Michael Jackson molested children is disgraceful and pathetic. Michael Jackson had only good intentions and was a wholesome, selfless, and caring man. He would take dieing or severally sick children and let them have some fun in a way they could never imagine. He would take him around Neverland and have them play on rides, play with animals, etc. etc. Unfortunately in today’s world, this somehow translates to “Michael Jackson sexually likes little boys”. That’s absurd to think of. Secondly, Pete King does make sense in that the great men and women serving our country probably don’t get enough reorganization or respect. Well that could slightly be argued. I don’t know about other places, but here in the New Jersey/New York area, whenever a local person dies in their line of duty, they are honored through the news. Yes I know it’s not this massive coverage that Michael Jackson is receiving, but it’s something. And yes people die everyday, but unfortunately not every person can receive time on the news or million people funerals. The reason for that is pretty logical. Michael Jackson was gifted with the unique ability to dance and sing like no other person ever. This led to his high popularity and global recognition, and through his dancing and singing he touched the hearts of people around the world. Not very complicated right? So hopefully now Pete realizes why his death is such a big deal and to so many people. Now am I saying Michael Jackson is better than the people serving in our military and protecting this country, of course not. No one can ever replace the service of the men and women in the military, but since EVERYBODY knows Michael Jackson EVERYBODY is mourning his death (except for you apparently). Now i really never comment on youtube videos, but i’ve never seen a video so disgusting as this, so i had to reply. It is a fair argument by you Mr. King that the fallen members of the troops should get more attention, but a video attacking and falsely disgracing Michael Jackson, who did nothing wrong, is just childish and pathetic.

    • Hello Muhammad,

      Thanks so much for commenting. You raised some very interesting points and I wouldn’t argue with most of the points you raised but I do think many people are getting tired of the Michael Jackson coverage.

      I hope you visit again soon and please comment on my other posts.

  2. Peter King represents the ignorant people about Michael Jackson’s molestation accusations. He should know better to do some research before ranting and blasting an innocent man. He is a disgrace to the U.S. , and perhaps the world. Michael is the most beloved person globally since his death because he gave so much. His money, time to causes, music, dancing. He holds the record for giving millions to causes than any other celebrity, entertainer,anybody. Most of all, he is the King of Humanitarian. Also, through his music, he helps break racial barriers and unit the world together for peace. Yes, no one will ever top the brave men and women fighting for our freedom!

    • Hello Tim,

      Thanks so much for your comment and for pointing out my spelling error lol.

      I hear you. You would think the Republicans would love the fact that millions even billions were made off MJ.

  3. When members of the Retardican party are cheating on thier wives and soliciting sex in public bathrooms-and have been proven GUILTY at that-who the hell does this guy think he is in criticizing michael jackson who was ACQUITTED due to no (solid) evidence? I am even more disgusted at the people who complain about there being too much MJ coverage when after michael died, the news covered other stories, including iran and obama’s health care plan, but when ted kennedy died ALL THEY talked about was him and his funeral. EVERYBODY in EVERY country cared about michael jackosn. that’s why he’s famous EVERYWHERE. No one gives a hoot about ted kennedy except for Americans, and I find it disgusting that they talked about ted kennedy so much, they forgot to mention it was the anniversary of hurricane katrina. Hmmm…I sense a race issue.

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