Yet another high-speed chase on MSNBC…

msnbc and high speed chases

Watched another high-speed chase on MSNBC.

They just love these chases on MSNBC. And I guess we like them too because they wouldn’t cover them if we didn’t watch them right?

Anyway, today’s chase involved the driver of a white Dodge caravan and it occurred in Houston, Texas.

The driver successfully evaded cops for almost an hour and it only came to end when the driver abandoned the mini-van and tried to escape the police by jumping off the roof of a parking garage.

And of course MSNBC had to bring us minute to minute coverage this time it took a team of anchors to tell us what we were seeing on television. Tamron Hall, Contessa Brewer and David Shuster were there to give us their opinions on everything from the stupidity of the driver to the fact that we might see a man jumping to his death on live television. We didn’t see that of course but cable now has a new high-speed chase team.

Oh the drama!

Three anchors, high-speed chases and daytime television-just another day on MSNBC!


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