A tribute fit for a King…

 heal the world

Today Michael Jackson’s family, friends and admirers paid tribute to the King Of Pop-Michael Jackson at the Staples Center in California.

From the emphatic speech by civil rights crusader, Al Sharpton to the emotional, tear jerking, outburst of his daughter Paris Katherine who confidently stated, Daddy was the best father you could ever imagine!”

Regardless of what you thought, think about Michael Jackson, if you watched the tribute today you would have to be an alien if you didn’t see that this man was loved and appreciated by many, many people and that his contributions to the United States and the world will never be matched again.

Michael Jackson was harassed, ridiculed and persecuted for a large portion of his life and some of it, if we are honest was deserved, but today for 90 minutes today the world paused to celebrate the life and talent of man who by chance and sheer determination happened to be better at singing, dancing and entertaining than 99 percent of those who live or have ever lived on this planet but the world did stop, if only for a few minutes to reflect on the life of one man- a man who changed the world.

From a very pregnant Jennifer Hudson to a 12 -year old British boy Shaheen Jafargholi song after song, speech after speech was a declaration of the love, respect and admiration Michael Jackson garnered around the globe.

But to me, the most fitting image to Michael Jackson’s legacy came almost at the very of end of the service when people of every race, bi racial kids, black men, white women and the Jackson family all shared the same stage, linked arm in arm and sang one Michael Jackson’s most popular and powerful songs, Heal The World in tribute to a man who tried in his own way to heal the world.


One thought on “A tribute fit for a King…

  1. I didn’t watch the Memorial as I live overseas and it took place during the early AM of the morning. But I am pleased {and relived} that the memorial was a fitting tribute to an extremely talented artist. I had predicted that it would turn into a circus and I’m happy to eat my words. Despite any or all of MJ’s faults {the man was human and he like everyone else had his failings}, his life and his many accomplishments deserved to be honoured, celebrated and remembered in a dignified way.

    I only pray that in the coming months as his family deals with the extremely difficult task of settling his estate – that they will continue to conduct themselves in the same dignified, gracious manner that they did today. His children and his legacy deserve nothing less.

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