Boredom causes woman to call grandmother and threaten to kill her

grandmother and child 

I’m not making this up.

A 21-year old woman in Cambridge, Minnesota  allegedly called her grandmother 45 times in one day and threatened to kill her. This is in addition to telling the 69 year old woman that “she was being watched” and that “she’s going to die”.

And why would a grandchild do this to a grandparent?  You might think she did this because her grandmother was a  Nazi or pedophile or something equally horrid right? WRONG! She did it because she was BORED!

Can you believe this?

With all the activities out there to become involved in, books to read, movies to watch, thrift stores to search through, my girl couldn’t find anything else better to do than to call her grandmother up WITH A FRIEND and scare her to death! SHE DID THIS WITH A FRIEND!!!

Seriously, the next time your nana starts to scold you for not calling her more often, tell her this story I think she’ll go to bed a lot happier with you that night. She may even send you a couple bucks in the mail! LOL


3 thoughts on “Boredom causes woman to call grandmother and threaten to kill her

  1. That is QUITE sad. 21 years old and she couldn’t figure out anything else to do with her time. The last time I was really bored, I learned to crochet and sew, and now I’m never bored.

    • Hey Personna,

      I agree with you 100%. I learned how to refurbish old
      Thanks for posting.

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