Chris Matthews show, Hardball, got a makeover..

chris matthews show got some new digshardball with chris matthews

Chris Matthews’ show Hardball with Chris Matthews got a makeover.

The political commentator debuted his show’s new intro and their new HD studio a few minutes ago.

The studio is HUGE!  They did a wide shot and panned around the entire studio at the beginning of the show and just by the looks of it you could fit my first studio apartment into that place!

The intro to the show is now a lot more serious however I think I prefer the old one but you never know this one will probably grow on me too.

I’m sure there’s going to be just as much drama in this studio as there was in the last one because wherever Chris Matthews goes drama is sure to follow.

See. it’s only been 20mins into Matthews’ ‘new’ show and he’s already called former Vice President Dick Cheney, “that man” in regards to the reported involvement of the VP in a CIA secret assassination program

Let the drama begin!


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