Comprehensive health care reform will not happen…

health care reform

President Obama and the Democrats in the US Congress are in the process of hacking out a health care bill.

Some say we can’t afford to cover all Americans-it would cost too much. Others, we can’t afford NOT too cover all Americans.

With one in six Americans uninsured and with the highest health care costs in the developed world what looked like a sure thing a few months ago, has now become a huge dilemma for President Obama and the Democratic Leadership.

If Democrats don’t pass health care reform, and remember Democrats are the overwhelming majority in the House and the Senate, one of Obama’s major campaign promises will not be achieved and probably wouldn’t even be achieved in his first term. And in the end you can bet that he and fellow Democrats will pay for it come election day in 2010 and 2012. But if they do listen to the opposition, within their own party, the bill may be derailed anyway because most of these Democrats oppose a public option- a government health insurance program akin to Medicare which would be open to anyone’ and would move with the individual from job to job and even state to state.

So Democrats are left with only one option. Pass a watered down version of a health care bill and tout it as reform and hype the hell out of it so that the public may actually believe that they accomplished something truly significant and monumental this session.

We all knew that comprehensive health care reform wasn’t going to be easy and that there would be significant opposition to the president’s efforts, however as Democrats appear to be lugging a bill through Congress and more and more officials talk about the spiralling costs of  the proposed reforms, at a time when the economy is in perail and a lot of people don’t know where the next pay check is going to come from, its unlikely that we’re going to see any significant reforms.

An unscientific observation has led me to believe that during these hard times, mop soda and all that while many people may understand the importance and support health care reform they are unwilling to abandon an imperfect but tried system and put their faith, once again, in an untested and somewhat dubious process, in the end Democrats will have to balance today’s hardships against tomorrow’s benefits and do what’s in the best interest of the American people and not themselves. 


One thought on “Comprehensive health care reform will not happen…

  1. No real reform will happen.
    The Big Insurance, Big Pharr, Doctors, are all making
    millions upon millions of dollars on the current system
    they will not allow any real substantial change.
    The Repubs and Democrats are bought and paid for
    on the issue of healthcare reform.
    The current system benefits the wealthy and the illegals
    the most. Everyone else just keep working longer hours
    for less money and less coverage, salute the flag and
    pray that you dont get sick.

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