Things are so bad, people are forced to drink mop soda!!!

No doubt, things are bad out there. Obama is trying his best but to be honest it doesn’t seem to be working.

But I don’t care how bad things are with me, I would have to be so damn desperate (dying of thirst and my legs shot off) and without any hope of reaching a lake or fresh water river before I drank MOP SODA.

I’m sure you’ve seen the smart mop ad. It’s the one where this guy, pitchman Anthony Sullivan, squeezes spilled soda from a mop into a glass as he explains how awesome this ‘smart mop’ is and tries to convince you that times are so tough we can’t afford to waste even one glass of spilt soda.

I don’t know where the marketing and advertising people came up with that concept but it sucks because most people I know, even the ones hurting for money, are not going to drink soda squeezed from a mop!

 What were the ad people thinking? Using that as a reason to buy the smart mop is not smart-it’s simply disgusting. 



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