No political suicide for President Obama


no new taxes

It would appear that President Obama wants to stay in the White House for eight years. He sent his main man, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs out today to let us know that he WOULDN’T BE raising taxes on middle class folks after all.

He probably didn’t get any sleep this weekend with all the problems Geithner and Summers caused him. No wonder the president looked so tired today his head must be throbbing. 



2 thoughts on “No political suicide for President Obama

    • Hey slamdunk,

      I really appreciate your comment. And I agree with you having both Crowley and Gates at the White House was an awesome move and a great photo op. While it didn’t eliminate racial tensions, it did force both groups, vis a vis the two men, to take a step back and talk about differing perspectives on the same incident.

      Hope to hear from you on some of my other posts.

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