Tax the middle class and Obama will be a one-term president

stressed out at work 

My Monday morning just started and already I’m wishing I had just stayed in bed because these Monday morning blues are stressing me to hell out! 

From the moment I turned on my television set, headlines and anchors across the cable news networks have been  asking the question,Will Obama raise taxes on the middle class?”.

OMG!! that can’t be right? I need more coffee! Taxing the middle class, with the economy as horrible as it is, would be Obama’s Waterloo. It was the first George Bush’s and Obama is smarter than him right? So he wouldn’t make that mistake…right?

I don’t know what Larry Summers and Tim Geithner were thinking when they appeared on the Sunday morning chat shows talking about the ways and means that could be used to pay for health care and to reduce our deficit.

Do Democrats want Obama to be a one-term president? Or more importantly does President Obama want to be president again? Or is he satisfied with the fact that he was able to beat all the odds and become America’s first black president? I don’t know anymore because if you analyze Obama’s actions and words lately you might think he wants the GOP to kick him out the White House in 2012!  He just keeps giving them more and more ammunition. God, even  John McCain thinks it’s safe to come out of hiding.

One way or another Democrats and liberals find a way to f#$% things up!



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