Cougar women and Hyena men..

hugh heftner and his girlfriends Teen Choice Awards Arrivals

Cougar term used to describe a woman that sexually pursues men at least eight years her junior.  O.K. So what’s the male equivalent? Hyena? Since these men are typically desperate, move really fast and are most likely covered in ugly liver spots.  Nope. There is no male term. 

You see a  man that dates a younger woman is just a man but a woman is a Cougar. Nah…that’s not right. If we’re going to label women that date younger men, Cougars, I think we should start calling older men that date much younger women Hyenas it’s only fair. LOL.

Hyenaterm used to describe a man that sexually pursues a woman at least eight years his junior.




One thought on “Cougar women and Hyena men..

  1. I read this piece of cyber-banter out aloud to my female workmates, and have to say that it was met with hysteria. We all agree!!
    And another thing, as a woman I am not only sick of old men with liver spots thinking they have a hope in hell with me, I am also sick of looking at those liver spots on TV. I would like some reasonably attractive male news readers, and morning show presenters please! If women are traded for youner hotter alternatives, the male presenters should be also.

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