Former friends claim balloon boy’s father, Richard Heene, will do anything for fame

richard heene and his son

More and more details are emerging about balloon boy’s father, Richard Heene.

By now you’ve probably heard about the little Colorado boy, Falcon Heene who garnered worldwide attention because he was thought to be soaring above the earth in a homemade helium balloon for hours but was actually hiding in his parents’ garage.

Well, anyway according to one of  Richard Heene’s past employees, Perry Caravello, Richard Heene will do anything to become famous and this balloon saga was just his latest attempt at grabbing his 15 minutes of fame.

Now, I don’t know if Caravello statements are credible since Heene, according to him, owes him money and we all know how money can cloud events and darken the debtor’s personal character. But as this story develops I’m becoming convinced that this may have been one of the biggest hoaxes in recent history and unfortunately the little boy’s nervous reaction (he’s vomited on camera twice) and statement ‘we did this for the show  have only heightened speculation that this was just one big put on by the Heene family.

So far officials have stated it wasn’t hoax but if it is determined that the Heene’s hustled us I hope they are fined and ordered to reimburse all the costs of the rescue operation.

***UPDATE*** Misdemeanor charges will be filed against Richard and Mayumi Heene.



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