Heene family was in on balloon hoax all along

The Heene family

So now we know most of the truth behind The Great Balloon Hoax of 2009.

It seems the entire Heene household was in on the balloon hoax from the beginning. And apparently it may have taken just fourteen days to fool the entire world. 

Now, why would parents get their kids to lie and participate in such a scheme? Because they wanted to draw attention to a cause, an issue, a loved one who was dying or suffering..nope, nope, hell no! They did it because.. because..they wanted their own reality show!

Well, of course they did! 

Ah mean, who doesn’t want to broadcast intimate family details and their dirty laundry to the world 24hrs a day, corrupt their kids with worthless values and achieve fame and success with little or no talent and absolutely no hard work. Oh yeah, I forgot hard work and talent that sh#$ is for suckers!  

Anyway, according to Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden the entire family was in on the hoax and Falcon, the youngest son who was thought to be in the balloon, “For all we knew may have been two blocks down the road playing on the swing in the city park.” 

You know, if  the world hadn’t bought the Heene’s family bs hook, line and sinker for almost six hours I could almost laugh at the absurdity of this story. But the fact that Richard Heene is still out there trying to pedde his crap, beseeching to the world that “This thing has become so convoluted,” while sobbing his alligator tears instead makes me angrier and angrier by the minute.

I swear if  he or his family gets a tell all book deal, clothing line or anything at all from this sorry escapade you better believe I’m going to start my own Brooklyn Bridge For Sale website. Don’t laugh, I’m serious I have certificates of sale printed and ready for mailing.


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