Tiger Woods’ wife to file for divorce after Christmas


Elin Woods, Tiger Woods’ wife has had enough!

The Daily Mail is reporting that Elin Woods will file for divorce from the former golfing superstar after Christmas and she’ll return to her home country Sweden at the start of the new year. 

A part of me hates to ask this question since I do understand why she would want to work things out with him but if the story is true what took her so long? Did she want to see how many women were going to come forward? I know I would and then I would want him to beg and beg and beg and then beg some more for my forgiveness and then I would still leave him.  

I think like most women I would rather be alone and happy with millions than married with millions and humiliated.


4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods’ wife to file for divorce after Christmas

  1. I think it’s called “having kids.” What selfish woman with an over worked ego would start divorce proceedings around Christmas with kids. Beyond that, with a divorce involving so much and being so complex, most lawyers will tell her to hold out as long as she can…that is always the way to get the best settlement. Beyond that, women and men cheat. Some do stay together afterward. No one can know what’s left to be saved in her marriage. But jumping the gun to divorce that fast it probably not a good idea.

    • Are you seriously putting it off on her for considering divorce? He had 121 women that he was screwing on the side. That’s what the totals are as of today. And your blaming his wife? Your a damned fool and a jackass to boot. As I guy who realizes the courts lean in the woman’s favor….I hope she does divorce him. And take half. Here’s some liberal thinking for you…Maybe he should have kept his dick in pants once he said “I Do”.

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