Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind to feature Nas and Fiddy maybe..

I’ve been seeing this rumor all over the net. Apparently the remix to Jay-Z’s hit song with Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind will feature Nas his one time enemy and 50 Cent.

If you haven’t heard the song yet check it out. 

A remix featuring a collaboration between the three men would obviously mean the reported feud between Jay-Z and Nas is over and that the two popular artistes have been able to put their issues behind them and move on.

I guess they’ve realized too many people, too many black men, have died and continue to die over stupid s%*& we don’t need to add two more to the list.


One thought on “Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind to feature Nas and Fiddy maybe..

  1. This is the reg version. The title makes it seem like this vid/aud would be the remix verson.

    This song is good. Im surprised it didnt get #1. If Carter is truly the king, should it get #1. This is the 3rd single afterall. Perhaps a remix w Nas & 50 will finally propell it 2 #1. His last 2 cds babrely sood 1mill. This cd is his opus he says, so Im sure he wants to sell like he used to in the 90s, at least 2 mill.

    My fav song on the cd is “STAR IS BORN”.

    I am very tight w my $ & dont own this cd but continued success to all involved.

    I hope Nas return his his early 90s type music.

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