Haiti’s earthquake and the end of the world

Like you I haven’t switched channels all day either. My eyes and ears have been permanently fixed on CNN’s anchors and reporters.

But as I see more images and hear more of the stories from Haiti’s earthquake disaster zone I can’t help but be reminded of those end of the world/mega disaster shows that air repeatedly on the History Channel.

This earthquake in Haiti was what those experts on those shows were talking about!  

Haiti was a disaster before this natural disaster I can’t imagine what this country will be like in a few months..a few years.

How will Haitians respond not just in the first few days but in the months and years to come?

How long can the national solidarity last?

How much daily suffering can a people take and for how long?  

Will the world respond fast enough to avert a global catastrophe?

Obviously we haven’t been listening to what the experts have been saying about Port-au-Prince and the possibility of an earthquake occurring there..hmm..I wonder if we will be listening the next time?

What a horrible way for the world to begin the new year..


3 thoughts on “Haiti’s earthquake and the end of the world

  1. it can happen anywhere anytime the world can end rite now it can end tommarow! it duznt mater just enjoy life while it lasts!

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