Chris Brown, bad boy gone good?

By now you’ve probably heard about Chris Brown’s latest emotional outburst at the BET Awards.

No, he didn’t beat anybody up this time but he did cry a lot and put on a really good show for the cameras and the audience. I don’t believe for a second that his tears were genuine or that this bad boy has gone good or that MJ’s song Man in the Mirror touched him so deeply at that exact moment that he couldn’t do anything other than cry.  I will admit that an epiphany can occur at the most inauspicious time  hell, I’ve had one break through moment while shopping for toilet paper at the grocery store!

Unfortunately I don’t believe that the 2010 BET Awards was one of those times for Mr.Chris Brown. Dude, knew that a lot of people would be watching and he wants his career back and he’s willing to do anything even cry to get it I begrudge him that? No. He wants redemption and he should try everything he possible can to achieve it but we, the public, shouldn’t forget all the crying Rihanna probably did after Chris Brown smashed her face in and welcome Chris Brown back into our open arms. Forgive him if you can but in my book they are some mistakes you should pay a lifetime for and beating up your partner is one of them.  I know I can’t forgive him but then again I’ve never claimed to be a forgive and forget kinda gal.

But Chris Brown does deserve an award for one of the best performances of the evening tears included.


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