Two little girls cussing..

What in the world?

The language coming out of these two little girls is filthy and despicable! How does one allow a child to be filmed saying such disgusting inappropriate language. I’m not claiming that kids don’t swear most children will say something ‘cuss’ worthy at some point in time but the incident shouldn’t end up on youtube for the entire world to see.  But the fault in this case clearly does not lie with the children..they are children..little kids..the adult in this case was clearly prompting these little girls and if anyone should be blamed it’s her and what gets me is that she’s laughing through the entire video which makes me either want to vomit or slap her..I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

And another thing there seems be  an entire market or niche out there for these types of videos. Check out how many kids cussing videos they are on youtube.


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