Black women aren’t as sexy as other women..we’ve all heard that one…

Black women aren’t pretty! Well, maybe the light skinned ones are but MOST DEFINITELY NOT the dark skin ones! This isn’t a new topic. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this from the mouths of men of all different races but it doesn’t just come from men it also comes from women, BLACK women as well. Big shock? Nope, we hate on ourselves the worst. Given the recent controversy surrounding the Psychology today article written by Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics asking Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? Why black women, but not black men ?”  I hope that the ‘shadeism‘ that exists within our own community is discussed and that we don’t just admonish Kanazawa but we admonish all those who attempt to degrade and denigrate black women especially our dark skinned black women.

Check out a post I wrote a few years back about this same issue when Iman, a sista, declared Michelle Obama to be ‘not a great beauty ‘.

And if you want some candid and beautiful shots of black women check my blog every Wedneday for my pick for the Wednesday Beauty of the week.


28 thoughts on “Black women aren’t as sexy as other women..we’ve all heard that one…

  1. When i read posts like this, it makes me sad.. are we still somewhere in the 1700 decade?? jeez…
    i can proudly say i’m not one of those people who (basically) discriminate against black women.. i’m a white guy who’s interested in ONLY black women, they are the most beautiful women there are to keep a long story short..
    it’s just, white chicks bore me more than staring at a blank wall.. (yeah, i get it people, : that’s ”reversed” racism Dave! yadayada i’ve heard that one before).. i just only like them as a friend and that’s it..
    i really don’t understand how someone can’t see a black women’s beauty.. i understand people’s tastes differ, but still…

    and when you mensioned black women hating on theirselves the most, it reminded me of a recently taken pic i saw a few weeks ago from Lisa from the tv show Saved By The Bell.. it seemed like she bleached her skin.. dear god why?? she used to look so beautiful, i really don’t want to point fingers but i can’t help but blame those modelling magazines, they most of the time take some malnourished white chick who gets photoshopped to the point it doesn’t look human.. and that’s supposed to be perfect? isn’t modelling about natural beauty? they might know the business but they’re missing the whole point of modelling wich IS natural beauty, they do the same to black models.. for example Bria Myles : truly flawless, i’ve seen unphotoshopped pics of her and it’s very unnecessary.. BUT… they still photoshop her.. using photoshop in this way takes the life out of a photo..
    i’ll end my rant, wich i’ve honestly tried to keep short as possible, with a question : so who’s the model in that pic?

  2. I’m sure to catch some flack for this, but flack has never stopped me from commenting before. Black are very beautiful physically….general attitude is another matter (and please, no “You just can’t handle a strong black woman” BS).

  3. i am a black women and we are beautiful, light skinned does not mean a thing. I LOVE ME and ever name this CRAPY blog is stupid and RACES you are just mad at our BEAUTY go somewere with this crap. Because every race GOD has made are beautiful not just one race

  4. I’ve noticed light skinned black women are alot more preferred over the dark ones. even some black guys say they wouldnt date a dark skinned girl! theres also a documentary coming out called Dark Girls. it has dark girls talk about how bad it is in their lives being dark. sad.

  5. Yes, that woman is beautiful. Some of the most attractive people I’ve ever seen have the darkest skin color – so dark that you can’t see any blemish anywhere, so dark against the brightness of their teeth as to make you gasp from the beautiful contrast. White women bore me too, but mostly because of their naivety especially when it comes to racism and prejudice.

  6. This is ridiculous…..

    Here is truth….One can hold on to what others think about themselves. One can hold on to what others said about themselves. One can hold on to the tactics of the past concerning skin color. One can allow negativity lower them. Or one can transition their mind to say, I am beautiful, sexy, and be comfortable within their own skin and live life the way life is suspose to be lived. Just don’t teach another generation the same bologany that this generation and the ones prior this CRAP concerning dark skin hues.

  7. Please check out my website A site the embraces the various shades of people. Let me know what you think! Feel free to submit a blog, we would love to hear from you.


  8. Im white and im interested in all types of women, from white to latina to asian, to black and to be honest I find a lot of black women very beautiful and hot.

  9. I think Whatever GOD has mad it beautiful . every color and every person had its own attraction it depends on your eye how you take it . in my personal opinion black color or Wheaties color is more likeable than other . 🙂

  10. All Black women are beautifull of all shades andnot trying to be races but i’m attracted to dark skin black girls more since my girlfriend is as dark as the model above

  11. Its very wrong to point fingers on who’s ugly and who’s not,I’m black and I feel very beautiful and sexy regardless of what other people say,the beauty lies on the eyes of beholders…please stop discriminating,we all beautiful coz God created us with his own image!

  12. All black women are beautiful. Of course I’m biased toward the milk chocolate colored ones like myself! But the wonderful thing about us is the many hues we come in from ivory to dark chocolate. That model above is gorgeous. I don’t think one skin color is prettier than the other. It’s like saying blondes are prettier than brunettes are better looking than redheads. It’s dumb.

  13. I am a 20 yr. Old lady and this makes me wanna cry. How dare anyone else try to put one race over the other. Just yesterday a white man told me i was ugly because i looked dirty. Have anyone consisdered our young black girls. Im beautiful and i know it. My eyes are big, my nose may be wide, and my lips may be plump. Black women did not come this far just to be criticized. I personally love every color. Ima light chick. But i love my dark chicks like i love chinese food. By the way the dude that called me ugly (was) my boyfriend

  14. Um. First of all whoever wrote this article is a jerk. Im a black women with light skin and green eyes. Lets get this right. Religion puts us all in categories, our skin, our background. And now some people who are putting black women in categories. (Excuse my language) who the hell cares. Dark women are beautiful. All women are beauitiful. And who are you to be calling dark women out.we have curves like no other, eyes that that tells stories. And yes when we run our lucious breasts bounce like noone elses business. And im proud of that

  15. my skin is dark chocolate and i love my colour everyone says am beautiful and i know that as a fact they said BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL,IT TRUE and there are many white girl who wanna be black god created us in his image and likness and i like white boy and they like me,this girl i know she is white and she keep tellin me all these nice stuff i like ur hair,ur clothes,ur shoes and i was like plzz donot say anymore then she said ur beautiful and she wish she was black,i was shock she said black girls are more beautiful than white i even ask her if she can see but i love my colour that girl up there is so pretty,she looks like chocolate.

  16. hi. I guess its a matter of personal preference. I find women of most races beautiful, but particularly the Nordic types and the very dark black women. any comments by people about how beautiful they think a woman is or women are should be regarded as opinions. nobody should get upset. everyone is beautiful to someone. what annoys me about this topic is that some people take it a bit too seriously. don’t worry be happy. (and have lots of sex, regardless!).

  17. I just completed my manuscript/novel: Cheryl Harris Alias Sydnie Feldstein. I am working on cover design for the book, and I want to use the image of this beautiful woman on your page on the cover of my book for my protagonist, Cheryl Harris. Who is this beauty? How can I get information on the copyright status of her image?

  18. Dark skinned black women are most beautiful. And they are not just beautiful, they are gorgeous. Their posture is much more brilliant than any white woman. They have much better sense of beauty than whites have. They have so style. There is no way any pale white woman can compete with gorgeous dark skinned black women.

    As a white man i have to say this to white women. I’m sorry, but you are not near so beautiful as you might believe. Without this several centuries white racial brain washing you would surely lost your “glamour”. The point is that because that racial hate and fear too many white males are too afraid to make communicate with black women. That why they “stay on a line”. I know this because i have had also to fight against this racial fear and racial discrimination. Hundreds of white males (mostly those who have never even dated with black woman) has mentioned to me that black women are indeed beautiful.

  19. We can change our friends but we can not change our relatives. We can pick a mate based on skin color. I want to pick a mate that is smarter than me and my age. For no rhyme or reason, I love the blackest women, I could settle for brown. I can not lie, a women being “liberal” and voted for President Obama totally kills it. We can not change our skin. We can change our own hearts. We can change the hearts of others by being truthful about everything. Knowing History, Science, and Common law changes the way we think. Working in Farming, Mining, and Manufacturing does too. Certain beauty and certain content does matter. Oh pray, fate will help me find my mate.

  20. I feel this way, I dont find her so attractive, for you to say that black and only it is beautiful is a lie. Because the skin doesnt defy your beauty, Ive seen some dark skinned girls that I find really attractive and I just stare at sometimes. The physical beauty is not on skin, its on face. And if your face is to my opinion unattractive, you can be dark skinned or light. The expression needs to be there. For you people to now feel angry and put dark skinned girls over the light ones and white women down, to say that the dark has more taste than the light. I think this is a matter of face and not skin. In the videos where you see alll the light skinned women at. Those videos do ALOT of enhancement,so trust me, those girls are not what you are looking at. Because they are one thing on tv but in person they are something else.The tv is not real, so don`t trust what you are looking at. Ive seen alot of attractive white and light girls out there so dont lie. And its not because their tone its their faces that are gorgeous.So the discussion is a matter of face and somewhat tone, because the tone needs to match with the face too. If it doesnt match, then its just not pretty

  21. Skin tone neither enhances nor detracts from beauty to me. I don’t understand why people think lighter is better for black women. I think a deep, dark chocolate skin tone is just as beautiful as a coffee and cream or pale pink. Beauty is made up of a lot of factors coming together just right.

    To the guys who feel the need to degrade white women in favor of black: you’re just as bad as the men who degrade black women in favor of white. Exactly as bad. I know I’m unattractive, but it has nothing to do with my skin color.

    In fact, I don’t know a woman who just outright believes that she’s beautiful–self-hatred knows no racial boundaries. I’m frankly sick of it. A beautiful woman should know she’s beautiful.

    But then, what I consider beautiful seems to be a lot broader than most people. Works for me: it means that I live in a more beautiful world than others.

    • To each his or her own. It’s like pheromones- the essence of attraction. For me (and this is no generalization), but for me dark African American women with slightly wide set eyes, full beautiful sculpted lips, African American noses- not wide and with a slight pug upturn, combined with a college degree and a penchant for interactive conversations- well I just have a weakness for that kind of beauty. In general such women smell better and are absolutely wonderful to be with, and yes they usually are great lovers. But again this is what works for me. In fact I married such a women over 43 years ago, have four children by her and she still is the alpha and the omega of my life.

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