Blogging the GOP debate in Simi Valley California

Dear People,

Political fever has me in its’ grasps once again.

That means a return to blogging and writing.

I wouldn’t bore you with any of my lame blogger excuses, I’ve been away for a multitude of reasons some self-imposed, some were imposed upon me but I’m back and actually I couldn’t think of a better way to return to the blogosphere than blogging about tonight’s GOP Presidential debate  at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

It’s the first debate to feature Presidential Candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry and of course everybody is asking will Perry and Mitt Romney mix it up on the stage? You know I have a feeling that if these two men, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry,  were in a physical brawl Perry would win hands down..but hey debating isn’t brawling at least that’s what my debating coach used to tell me..ha!

On another note, to all those that continued to visit my blog during my exile thank you so much for your comments and for taking a few seconds to peruse the archives and I hope that’ll I’ve a lot more interesting and thought provoking blogs for you to read and comment on from here on out.

Once again thank you and let’s hope that my political fever lasts a long, long, long time.

Black Liberal


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