American ‘fighting’ with rebels in Libya

You know sometimes you come across a story on the net that either makes you want to burst out laughing or hit your head against a wall and scream, “Why!! Why!! Why!! ? Well, I came across one such story earlier today.

Apparently Chris Jeon a UCLA Student traveled to Libya to fight with the rebels against Qaddafi!

Jeon apparently had some free time on his hands after his internship and he decidecd, this UCLA, Math major who doesn’t speak a word of Arabic, has no connections to Libya whatsoever decided to go there to fight with the rebels because..wait for it…because, “It is the end of my summer vacation, so I thought it would be cool to join the rebels.” He thought it would be cool!! Dude thought it would be cool!

Now obviously this guy can think logically, he’s a math major at UCLA and yet he thought it was quite logical to go to a war torn country, try to gain rebel acceptance and fight alongside them against one of the most brutal regimes that has ever existed. I don’t know if to laugh, cry or salute this crazy guy!

However, this isn’t surprising if you know just a little bit about Jeon. You see Jeon has taken these types of ‘vacations’ before travelling to Cambodia to spend time at a local orphanage that is surronded by landmines, he’s also been to the Amazon living with local families in  Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica and now he’s in Libya.

To be honest his last two vacations probably weren’t that far fetched I know two people who’ve taken similiar vacations to the Amazon but travelling to Libya as it’s in the throes of war is not a good time for him or them to be mingling with each other sampling Ghreyba and sipping tea.

But you know what I’ll let you decide if you think Chris Jeon is cool and if he belongs in any warzone other than -a digital one he can play on his computer.

Last time I checked Jeon was on his way home. Let’s hope he doesn’t plan to stop off in Afghanistan or Somalia on his way back home. Let’s hope!!!


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