Is Yelawolf the Southern Eminem?

When I first heard Rapper Yelawolf’s “Pop the trunk” I liked it. I liked the realism, the skill and the beat.

However, I couldn’t, as hard as I tried, stop myself from asking, “Isn’t this dude just a Southern Eminem?”

In a few weeks he’ll be releasing his debut album so we’ll know soon enough if there’s any truth in my question.

Undoubtedly he was influenced by Eminem but I hope that influence hasn’t morphed into imitation.

Warning this is the uncensored version.


2 thoughts on “Is Yelawolf the Southern Eminem?

  1. UBL: THanks for this. I ‘m actually interested in what he has to say. I read his wiki and he grew up in disadvataged way( no father, in 15 diff schools) so he has something to say.

    I like the imagery of this vid. The curse words didnt even bother me.
    Now if the whole cd is like this, it will be good.
    I hope he doesnt go commercial like carter did talking about his cars, private planes, etc, that stuff isn’t relatable to us normal folks.

    Perhaps that is why Em has sold hte most of all rappers dead or alive: cd after cd is full of real life stuff that is relatable: wife issues, dead friends, insomnia, drug abuse, hatred, anger, pain, free, pressue, etc.

    Thanks for this UBL.

  2. Lilkunta, I agree with you. If the whole cd can reflect his life, dreams, aspirations etc..I think he’ll have a future as well. Thanks for comment.

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