Gov Rick Perry sucks as a debater


I couldn’t say it any clearer than that!

Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to be President of the United States and he may have been told and shown a clear path by his strategists on how to get there but these debates clearly highlight his weakness, he doesn’t know how to efficiently articulate his points when he’s standing toe to toe with his opponents.

Tonight’s Fox News/Google Presidential Debate clearly points out Gov Perry’s shortcoming. I don’t know how he prepares for debates but as a former debate captain he would not be on team! He doesn’t know how to get and keep a debate crowd, which is different from a crowd on the stump on his side and he struggles continuously on how to answer the moderator’s question without undercuting the main issues that his campaign is running on.

While Former Governor Mitt Romney, although still very robotic, gets more and more human with every debate and yes I am really saying that Perry just gets worst. Romney comes prepared and he attacks Perry from all corners but what is even more important is that he looks natural doing it. He actually seems to like the fact that he has a real opponent.  Perry gets on stage and tries to maintain his positions and then crumbles and stands around with this plastic smile that’s almost worst than George Bush!

I’m shocked that he is as bad a debater as I have ever seen on the national stage.

The other candidates all had their moment but I think the best line of the debate was from former Governor Gary Johnson who said that his neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than this administration. That was the best line!

And one of the worst moments; the booing of a gay soldier Stephen Hill, by an audience member who asked Rick Santorum about repealing, “Don’t ask don’t tell.”

All the other candidates will continue to run  until their money runs out or until debate organizers stop inviting them to participate. I don’t see anyone emerging to threaten Romney and Perry’s front runner status Ron Paul is going to hang in there for third place but once again the battle remains between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.




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