GOP debate tonight will be the most interesting

I am eagerly looking forward to tonight’s Republican Presidential debate at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. The debate sponsored by The Washington Post/Bloomberg will focus almost entirely on the economy.

But what I want to see is:

Will Rick Perry perform better or will he just collapse?

Will Mitt Romney finally realize that the nomination is in his grasp and will he finally grab?

Will Herman Cain, not disregarding his rise in the polls, show that he has the depth of knowledge and character needed to be a serious presidential candidate?

To be honest I don’t think any of the other candidates, on the stage tonight will have a viable shot at the nomination they are all struggling to raise money, struggling to be heard, struggling to get energy and momentum behind and in their campaigns, with maybe the exception of Ron Paul, however Perry, Romney and Cain have the most to lose or gain after tonight’s Presidential Debate.

Who will emerge ahead of the pack? Well, we’ll  just have to wait and see.


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